Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today was my last day to work.

Well, I'm finished, kaput, done, retired.  It was hard to leave my work family today.  They are truly a great bunch to be around.  I will miss them.  But "I'll be back", if only to visit.
I am officially retired but I don't feel any older.  Undoubtedly I am though.  For those of you that have been following me, you know that we rescued a dog around Christmas that turned out to have puppies on Christmas day.  The Humane Society here now has the dog and her pups and has had them fully vetted and just listed Maggie (the mom) on for adoption.  I was just reading about Maggie as they had posted her story.  Well it seems that Doug and I are an "elderly couple".  Hum.. Elderly!!! Funny I don't feel elderly. this had to come out on the day that I retire.  Not a funny coincidence! I think I will have to have a chat with the one that wrote the article.  Elderly!!!  I'm not handling this well, at all.

We have taken the motorhome to the shop to get it ready for our trip.  It's getting an oil, fuel filters, and dryer filter change, in-line fault protector installed, new belts and relays between the batteries checked.  The belts looked like they must have been original.  Guess it's a good thing we had them changed.  The shop is having trouble finding the correct dryer.  I hope this doesn't delay our trip too bad.  We had planned on leaving tomorrow but if they can't find that pretty quick it looks like saturday or maybe even Monday before we get to leave.  I sure hope they find one quick.  I am ready to roll.

I am going to take my "elderly" self to bed.  I guess I need my sleep.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Retirement party for ME!!!

Friday they had a potluck/surprise retirement party for me at work.  I knew about the potluck but was totally surprised with some wonderful and very useful gifts for my retirement.    I work with some of the best people you could ever ask for.

 It will be very hard to leave them.  We truly are a "family".  I love everyone of them.

   They prepared some delicious food.  We had homemade chicken salad, tortilla rollups, spinach and artichoke dip, cucumber dip, chicken wings, BBQ meatballs, cocktail wienies, a vegetable tray, butterfinger cake, angel food cake, brownies and a cinnamon roll cake.  It was all fantastic!

I sat at the head of the table like I was a real somebody!  They then gave me a bag of goodies.  Things that I am sure that we will need on our travels.  Adult diapers for me and a urinal for Doug so that we can keep on  trucking with fewer pit stops.  A string of paper clips to " keep myself together".  Balloons for all my "hot air".  Books (romance of course), puzzles, crosswords and suduko to stay busy.

My very on special beach attire.  Hand made visor with "Queen Harriet", t-shirt  (Doug said I looked like that when he married me), orange flip flops with matching fly swatter, and sun glasses.

I also received a handmade dish towel, a coffee cup and a Walmart gift card with a note that said, " for when you get bored, you can go to Walmart and sit on the bench and watch all the young people with their wild hair and funny clothes."

I really will miss seeing this bunch everyday.  I love them all!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and love-filled day.
After talking to my granddaughter about her day, I was reminded of all the Valentines we used to get and give at school.  I loved making those valentine boxes when I was a kid.  Do they still make them?  Everything is bought now days.  I loved the candy hearts with the phrases on them.  Of course I just loved the candy hearts, period!  You had to read each one before you could eat it.  LOL
Of Course you had to eat them one color at a time!

 I hope your day was a great one.  Love to all my family and friends!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

counting the days...

I am starting to get excited and I am counting the days.  I have 10 more working days until I retire!  We are starting to get ready to leave now.  We had the car serviced, the tires rotated and the belts all checked so the car is ready to roll.  Doug is taking the motorhome next week to get it serviced and all the belts changed.  We are planning on leaving home friday, March 1st.  We haven't made up our mind yet where we are going but we are going.  I think we should just pick a direction and see where it takes us.  A "We will get there when we get there," kind of thing.  I was readying some of the blogs I follow and enjoying the pics with all the warmer weather that  RV a go-go is enjoying in California, and the beaches and white sand that Karen and Al are enjoying in Florida.  Both of these places would be nice right now.  I have always loved Florida and California would be a nice place to visit.  I have only been to Sacramento and San Francisco.  So there is a lot for us to see and do there.  Or we could head down to Galveston and then tour Texas for awhile.  I think I may put some places in a hat and draw a winner.  Hmmmm
To where should our first "retired" trip be?  No time frame, take as long as we want to get there and come back when we are ready. Any suggestions?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Paws and Pantry!

Been a busy weekend.  We finally got time to finish the pantry.  Well it's not finished but the shelves are up and full.   We still have to put the door on it and put down about 6 ceramic tiles to be completely through.
Here is the almost finished product
We will probably finish the linen closet in the bathroom and then put the doors on both at the same time.
After finishing (almost) this project we cleaned up and went to see the puppies.  It's been two weeks since they came and got them.  I sure have missed the little toots.  They have really grown.
This is the runt, Millie.  She has grown but is still nowhere near as big as the others.
 Maddie taking a nap.
Mack still has the most beautiful blue eyes.  He is the gentle giant.  He loves to give kisses.
This is Max, the largest pup and Millie.  You can see how much smaller she is.
Momma Maggie.  She was glad to see us.  She is such a sweet dog.  I hope she finds a loving home.
After spending a couple of hours playing with them and getting some puppy kisses, I felt alot better about them.  They all seemed to be very happy and well adjusted.  I don't know where Maggie came from but I am glad she found us when she needed help.  Beautiful Christmas puppies Maggie.  Your a great mom.
Time to rest.
Come back and see us!

Friday, February 1, 2013

It's official! Doug is retired!

Doug went to the office today for the first time in two months so that he could sign his retirement papers.
First he checked his email.  Then he sent a few to those that weren't going to be in the office today.

He got to see some of his co-workers before he left.
Doug's "other woman".

They surprised him with a cake!

And a card.

Also a note from one of his oldest friends and co-worker.

Several of us went to Chili's for lunch.
They read him the riot act.  LOL
Doug signed on the dotted line and then Donna witnessed it.
Then there is the handshake!

And now it official.  He is retired!  I have 18 more working days to work.  Then our new adventure begins.  I can't wait!