Monday, January 7, 2013

Their eyes are open!

My time has been consumed by the stray dog and her 7 puppies that were born on Christmas day.  Well  today they opened their eyes for the first time.  These little pups are the cutest things.  They are growing real fast too.  They will be 2 weeks old tomorrow.
Notice the one on her back asleep.  She loves to eat and sleep in this position.  They are so funny.  I do hope that they all find loving homes.   We had to cancel our New Years Eve trip because of Mom and the pups.  Bummer.  I have contacted a rescue group that have agreed to take mom and pups but at this time they don't have a foster home for them.  And that is why I still have 8 dogs in my house.  I am a sucker for a sad face and believe me this poor little mama had the saddest face I have ever seen when she arrived.  After a lot of love and just spending time with her, she is starting to trust us.
Well now you know what I have been doing.  It may not be what I had planned but it sure feels good.
Anyone want a puppy?