Sunday, January 13, 2013

Demolition and doggies

I had my work cut out for me today.  I finally decided that I wanted to take out the cabinets that were my pantry and make a pantry closet.  These cabinets were so deep that I couldn't find anything in them. They were so dark I had to use a flashlight to even see what was in them.  So this morning, I started the demo.  I love to demo, I'm not that good at rebuilding, but demo, I got ya covered.  I got my battery operated screwdriver, hammer and a flat head screwdriver and went to work.

Here is the deep dark dungeon cabinet with the doors and framing removed.
Here the cabinets are out.  What you are seeing now is another cabinet dungeon that is in the master bathroom.  I will take those out tomorrow.  What I want to do is replace them with a closet.  We will have to build a wall to seperate the bathroom linen closet from the kitchen pantry and then install shelves.  I sure could use Steve and Karen over at RVing: This country is our BIG Backyard.  He would have this job whipped up in no time flat.  Tomorrow after I get the other cabinet out we will go look at flooring and shelves.  Fun Fun

Now Doggies

These pups sure are growing.  They love to lay all over each other.  Here it looks like there was an explosion of puppies and they all landed on each other!  They will be 3 weeks old on Tuesday.  They are starting to play now.  They bark and growl at each other.  But to get the power behind these barks they always fall over.  funny!
Here they were in the laundry basket so that I could clean their bedding.  I thought this was so cute! Brother and Sister  :)
Hope you (and I) rest as good as these guys.  Night all.