Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm about as ready as I can be. Come on Christmas!

I cut way back on the presents this year.  I kept telling everyone that this was going to be a much leaner Christmas.  Less presents, less decorations, less everything.  Well I hope they were listening.  I  have decided that we all pretty much get anything and everything that we want or need all through the year and there really isn't a lot to buy.  I sure think that its silly to buy something, just for the sake of buying something.    Well this year I followed through with my threat, idea, strategy or what ever you want to call it.  This is the least amount of presents I have ever had under my tree.  But I really think its a good thing.
Remember the dog that showed up at my house.  This dog has obviously been abused.  It took several weeks just to get her to come up to us.  Then it took more time for her to trust us enough to let us pet her.  Well she is still very skittish and easily spooked but she is trying very hard to trust us.  Then the other shoe fell!  She is going to have puppies!  It seemed like over night she blew up like a balloon!  I have never had a dog with puppies.  I am totally lost as to how to care for her.  I did some internet research and found out that I should be feeding her puppy food to help with her growing belly and needed nutrition.  I wish that I knew how much longer she had.  I also found out the gestation period for dogs is 62 days.  I just don't know when day 1 was. LOL
Here she is resting in the garage.  It was cold today and I covered her up.  This is the first time she has ever stayed laying down when I walked outside.  She usually jumps up.  I let her come in the house today for awhile.  she didn't want to come in.  She was very timid.  I finally got her in and she laid down on the rug and I rubbed her belly.  Those puppies were playing basketball in there.  I could see them moving and kicking!  She stayed inside for about 30 minutes and then wanted back outside.  She laid back down on her bed and went to sleep.  She is so sweet, I hope after the puppies are born we can find a good home for her and the pups.  She deserves a loving family.
                                               I don't know nothin bout birthin no babies!