Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I love these short weeks!

  This past weekend Libbie and I went to the Holiday House in Little Rock.  It was at the convention center.  We spent 4 hours walking the aisles looking at all of the handmade items, pewter serving dishes, clothes, toys, food, Christmas decorations and just about anything else you can think of.
Yes it was that crowded!  I got a few Christmas presents bought.  My first ones.  I better get busy.  I like to be finished by the first of December.  That way I can enjoy the season.
After a long day of shopping, Libbie and I ate at The Olive Garden and headed home to rest our weary feet.
Sunday afternoon Doug and I went to see the new James Bond movie, Skyfall.  It was one of the better Bond movies.  I really liked it.  If you haven't seen it, I recommend it highly.  Then Monday I was off work.  Love those long weekends.  Since I had such busy weekend, Doug and I just vegged out on Monday.  We never even got dressed.  Stayed in our PJ's all day.  
Next week is an even shorter week.  We only work three days.  If I could only get them to change the work week to two days then one.....
Doug is down to 14 days left to work.  I have 69!  I like his numbers a whole lot better.  I wonder if he would trade?