Friday, November 23, 2012

Did you hit the madness and go shopping?

Not me! What I wanted to buy, I bought onine.  No crowds, no long lines, just me and my computer.  this is a much better way to shop.
This morning my neighbor saddled up her horse so that Ashlynn, my grandduaghter, could ride.  She was so excited.  "I'm a cowgirl now" she told me.
She had her first lesson.  She did very well controlling that huge animal.  She learned how to turn the horse, back her up and the most important one, how to stop him.

I even got on him.  I havent been on a horse in over 25 years!  My legs are reminding me of that now.

This was alot more fun than shopping in the crowds today.  Thanks Mary for letting us ride your horse!