Monday, October 8, 2012

Woke up to rain

The rain caught up with us this morning.  Woke up to overcast day and 46 degrees.  Glad I brought cold weather clothes.  We did leave our chairs outside.  Oops.

Off to an adventure, will check in later.
We went shopping at the Tanger Outlet Mall since it was raining.  This mall is so much better than the Tanger in Branson.  It has a lot more stores and is alot bigger.  I found goodies at the Journeys and Gap stores.  (I bought me some UGGS)  Then we headed over to grab a bite to eat at Five Guys Burgers.
Sorry the picture is blurry.  But believe me it was sure good.  After eating we went over to Harley Davidson shop and I picked me out one.  This 3 wheeler model was only $35000.00!

Libbie found her one that she thought was her size.
Since Jim already has one, he bought him some shirts.  Doug couldn't decide on just one so he didn't choose.
Then we stopped at The Christmas store and Libbie bought another Mark Roberts christmas elf.  Didn't get a pic.  It was real cute though. Maybe I can find one and post it.  Hers is all wrapped up for travel.
Our last stop was the Art and Craft Fair they were having.  Only thing we found that we couldn't resist was a silver cleaner.  I know, but really that was the only thing that I thought I couldn't live without.
Even though it was a rainy day, we managed to have a good time and spend the guys money. What more can you ask?