Thursday, October 11, 2012

What a day!

We finally made it to Loretta Lynn's Ranch and Rv Park.  It only took us an extra hour and half to find it.  It seems that Jim and Libbie's Garman likes to go the long way around.  I wish now that I had taken some pictures, but I have to say that at the time, pictures were the last thing on my mind.  I knew we were going the wrong way as soon as we turned on the road.  It was narrow.  I just didn't realize that in reality, that part of the road was as good as it gets.  The further we went, the more  narrow the road got.  There were no shoulders, no place to turn around and very winding roads.  We twisted and turned for what seemed like 30 miles.  I called to Libbie.  "I don't think its going to get any better, this can't be the road."  "yes, just 4 more miles and it says we'll be there."  I took a deep breathe and Doug drove on.  Then horror of all horrors, there before us was a one lane very narrow bridge.  Will it hold us?  I am so nervous about this bridge that I didn't look ahead to what was on the other side!  A MOUNTAIN!
As soon as the bridge ended, the road made a hard left very very sharp! And what is on what should have been a shoulder?  A wall of rock!!! Keep in mind that both of our motor homes are almost 40' long and behind them are our toads.  Now remember this is a ONE LANE bridge.  We don't have the luxury of swinging wide.  The only place you could swing would be off the bridge.  We were mere inches from the rock wall and still had the car that had to clear the bridge.  This was horrible! I told Doug, I don't care where this road leads us but I'm not going back over that bridge.  Besides, it would be a right turn and right turns are a doozy even when you have two lanes.  I don't think we would still have a car behind us if we had tried a right turn.  Needless to say, as soon as we got to a straight bit of  road we stopped to regroup.  Now during all this time we hadn't seen any traffic.  Now that we stop to  regain our composure, there is suddenly traffic everywhere and we have the tiny road blocked.  Only good thing about that is that we had captive help.  We asked our captive audience how to get to the RV Park.  The one I asked said, turn around your way off.  The one Libbie asked said take this gravel road it will take you through the ranch property.  The last one happened to be a Game and Fish officer.  Yea!!! He not only told us how to go but led us there.   Yea we  made it!!!  Our hats off to the young man, he was our hero!  So what should have taken us 15 min and 7.7 miles from our turn off, took us through countryside that we never would have seen.  Places that really were pretty, if I had not been so worried, I would have enjoyed.  It was just another experience.  It was .....  well anyway, I'm tired and I am going to sleep late tomorrow, I think I deserve it.