Sunday, October 21, 2012

The To do List

   Back home and things are back to normal, whatever that is.  Everyday life is kind of boring so I haven't written anything.  I can't believe that its almost November.  This year has passed by so fast.  Doug will send in his paperwork next month and everything will be "official" as far as his retirement is concerned.
I have a list of things that need to be done before our trip next year.
1.  the surge protector needs to be installed
2.  the roller on the slide needs to be replaced.
3. I need to clean the carpet again.  There are a few spots that keep coming back no matter what I do.  It looks like they come out but I guess there still is some kind of oil still there that attracts dirt and back they come.
4. Time for an oil change
I wish we were as talented as some of the bloggers that I read.  They could handle all of this to do list in no time.    The only one that I am sure we can handle by ourselves is the carpet cleaning.  The rest well.....  I do think that Doug is going to give the roller a try.  Let's hope he can fix it.  The oil change wouldn't be so hard but we don't have a container to hold that much used oil.  Well, we will start on the list next weekend. Not necessarily in that order.  I have room for another motor home if some one wants to stay at our "campground " and help.