Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just wanted everyone to know I survived THE ZIPLINE!!!!

I needed to come back to the motorhome to freshen up, so I thought I'd let everyone know I am indeed alive and I did do all 7 zip lines at Fox Fire Mountain.  Yea me!!! I will post pics and even a movie later. Libbie wanted me to take her pic between lines and I was holding the camera trying to steady it and well, those that know me know thats near impossible on a good day.  Needless to say, one of the other zippers took the pic for her.  I am glad that I did it.  I had said no way and then watching some of the others do it I just told myself to "go for it".  Libbie was already headed to zip school.  She said when it came over the speaker that one more was coming, she couldnt believe that it was me.  Though I was scared, I am really glad that I did it and would do it again, maybe.
This was before my first zip.  Boy was I scared.
Libbie is the brave one.  She was ready to zip!
This was Jacob the hound dog.  He loved following all the vehicles around, barking the whole time.  I wondered why he was so thin when I first saw him.  He runs all the time.  Up and down the mountain! He sure loved it though.  He had a couple of little friends that would join him every once in a while.  But those two dogs were so small they didn't last as long as Jacob.
This is me coming in on one of the last lines.  The hardest part was stopping! I was trying to slow down.
We survived!
After resting a little bit we were going to drive the cars at the Nascar racetrack but we all so tired from the last few days that we just checked out some more stores and different parts of the area and then headed for supper.
This was the Old Mill General Store.   Tomorrow we head toward Nashville.