Friday, October 5, 2012

First stop Lakeland Tn

We are staying our first night at Memphis east campground.

 After getting set up we went to the Texas roadhouse to celebrate my birthday.  The steak was good the company even better.  After eating of course they came to our table to announce to everyone that it was my 29th birthday!  I don't know where they got that number.  I think I did tell them that I was celebrating the 32nd anniversary of my 29th birthday.  I guess they just didn't hear me.  They brought a saddle on a saw horse for me to climb on to.  Yes I did climb in the saddle and holler YeeHawwwww with them.   The things you will do when your out of town and no one knows you!
It started to rain and the temp dropped from mid 70's to 57!  We went back to Jim and Libbie's  motor home where We were going to have egg custard pie with a candle of course, but everyone was too full to enjoy it.  We will wait til tomorrow.  they then gave me a gift bag with a candle, cookbook and travel journal.  Great gift!!!

Can't forget the custard pie

By this time I was ready to head back to our motorhome.  We weren't there long when we got call from son Brian.  I called him back so that we could FaceTime.  my son and grandaughter wished me a happy birthday and Ashlynn showed me a fairy star she made.
It has indeed been a good day.  My youngest son started my day off by calling me to wish me happy birthday,then my boss let me off early and now tonight.  What more can one ask for.
I'll post pics later.  It's time for some sleep and to get ready for another day, on the road again!