Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Taking things apart to take a look

We have been having some orange plastic breaking off the slide when we open it so Doug took a look at the gliders today.  Of course to get where you can see them you have to take a cabinet apart.  After getting everything apart he could see that indeed the glide on the slide was starting to break.  Just little pieces here and there.  Now we have to try to find a part number so that we can order a new glide.  this orange glide is about 12 inches long.  He looked and looked but couldnt find a part number anywhere. Now he has the VIN number and is searching for a part.  Our RV is a 1999 and its hard to find parts for RV's that old.  I hope he can find one.  It isn't causing problems yet, but I see some in the future.  It just better hold itself together for our trip next month.
  Anyone know where to buy parts for a 99 HR Endeavor?