Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finally getting something accomplished!

Today we spent the afternoon outside.   It was so nice today.  I got the horse out for alittle while and let him eat some of the grass in the back yard.  He loves that since the pasture is kinda low on anything since the drought has been so bad.  I think he gets bored eating hay.  We also put a couple of pork butts on to smoke this afternoon.  I plan on having one of them tomorrow and maybe do something with the leftovers and then freeze the other one to take with us next weekend.  I have some one-to-one classes scheduled next saturday to learn some more about my new Mac.  We will stay at Maumelle so that we can enjoy this great weather we are having and I won't have to drive to Little Rock early in the morning. Plus I don't need a reason to get in the motorhome for the weekend.
  This afternoon while enjoying the weather we decided to go ahead and install our tire sensors.  I bought these over 3 years ago and never got them to work.  We tried and tried. We got so frustrated and each time we just put them back in the box and forgot about them for 3-4 months.  Well we finally sent them back to the factory and they said that the batteries were all bad in them.  It was going to cost $200 to replace ten of the sensors (you can't replace the batteries on this model) so Doug just upgraded to the new 510 model that has come out that you can replace the batteries.
We were dreading trying again since we had had so much trouble with the last ones.  Thank goodness these were a breeze to put on.  The sensors are alittle smaller and have teeny tiny screws in them so that you can replace the battery when needed.  They come with this neat little tool so that no once can steal them off your tires.  It takes this tool to put them on and take them off.

 In this pic I have the sensor on the tool ready to install on the tire.

It came with a smaller monitor than the one we had.  It shows the tire pressure and the tire temp.
You can put the monitor on a stand or mount it on the windshield.
Here is Doug finishing up with the last sensor.  Good job Doug!

I can smell those pork butts!!! They have been smoking for 7 hours now.  I think its time to wrap them up in some foil and let them rest. The big one will be wrapped in foil and left to cook an hour or two more.   Mmmmm good.  I'm thinking there is a pulled pork sandwich in my future.