Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back Home!

We were slow moving this morning.  Neither one of us was in a hurry to leave.  Even though it rained all weekend  (the weatherman said just 30% chance of rain) there wasnt anything that I wanted to do that wasn't done.

We were so busy we never did set up the satellite tv.  Now that's something for us.  We are still getting use to our new phones.  Mine is the same but a lot faster.  Doug is not big on learning new computer/smartphones.  This is his first smartphone and he says it's smarter than he is.  I just need to get my new iPhone and all my other apple products linked together.  I do love that I can post notes on my computer or iPad and they are on my phone when I am out shopping.  My old iPhone was so slow that I rarely used the internet.  This one is so much faster that I may see that I don't need an iPad at all.  I am wondering if it has out-used its usefulness.  I don't like posting on an iPad because I like a keyboard.  That was the reason I got the Mac even though I had the iPad.  I just wasn't as happy with it as I thought I would be.  Now that I have the Mac Air, I wonder if I will ever use the iPad again.  I was just using it when we traveled and didn't have wifi at the campground.  Now that we have our own hotspot that I can tether the Mac to, I really see no need for the iPad.  Now I have to decide, do I keep it, sell it or what?  Doug loves the iPad and uses it instead of his laptop.  In fact I don't think he has used his laptop since getting the iPad. Different strokes for different folks.  It sounds like I need to get rid of my ipad and his laptop.  LOL
  This is our first trip using our new tire pressure sensors and it was nice knowing that the car back there was ok, tire wise.  The  alarm did go off because I had a couple of tires that were a little low on air.  I hadn't even noticed.  That  TST sure did though.  It scared me to death when it went off.  We weren't even hooked up and on the road yet!  LOL  My next surprise was airing up the tires.   We have always used our air compressor to air the tires up.  Well we stopped at the gas station to air them up and to my surprise it costs $1.00 for 3.5 min.  what happened to .25 for all the air you needed!  Of course we got 3 tires checked and aired up and had to put another $1.00 in for the 4th tire.  Bummer! We are good to go now though.  I'm ready for our next trip the first week in Oct.
 Come on OCTOBER!

Since I don't really look at my page I didn't realize that my blogs that I follow is not on my page anymore.  I looked at the template and it shows that they are all there.  Anyone know what happened and how I can get them back on there.  Everything on the template and layout still shows they should be there but they are not. HELP!!