Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Taking things apart to take a look

We have been having some orange plastic breaking off the slide when we open it so Doug took a look at the gliders today.  Of course to get where you can see them you have to take a cabinet apart.  After getting everything apart he could see that indeed the glide on the slide was starting to break.  Just little pieces here and there.  Now we have to try to find a part number so that we can order a new glide.  this orange glide is about 12 inches long.  He looked and looked but couldnt find a part number anywhere. Now he has the VIN number and is searching for a part.  Our RV is a 1999 and its hard to find parts for RV's that old.  I hope he can find one.  It isn't causing problems yet, but I see some in the future.  It just better hold itself together for our trip next month.
  Anyone know where to buy parts for a 99 HR Endeavor?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I love this weather!

What a great day it was today.  There wasn't any humidity and there was a cool breeze blowing with temps in the 70's.  Now this is my kind of weather.   We went out and took a look at the damage to the slide out awning.  It has a tear about 8 inches at the bead.  I think that is what they call it.  it's where the cloth slides into the thingy on the motorhome.  I know this is real technical but try to keep up. LOL
We taped it as best as we could.  The canvas is in great shape otherwise.  I hate to have to replace it but I really don't know it can be repaired.  We are going to have an upholsterer take a look at it and see if there is enough width to the material to sew another bead on it.  If not I guess we will have to replace it anyway.  We did finally figure out how to lower the window awning.  We could tell that the slide cover also had a window awning extension but couldn't get it to extend.  A little WD40 does wonders.
     After finishing up with the awning, Doug worked on the lights on the RV cover. It seems that  the switch was bad and had to be replaced.  Mark another one off the list.  Works great now.
     While we were outside of course Doc, the horse,  wanted some attention, mainly, he wanted in the back yard  to eat the greener grass on the other side of the fence.  I got him out, put him on a long line and let him munch away.  Doug brought me out a red solo cup of ice water.  I was taking a drink and heard something behind me.  I looked over my shoulder and Doc was right there.  So close in fact, that in the second it took for me to look up he muzzled  my drink!  His big nose wouldn't fit in the cup so he stuck his tongue in my cup.  So much for a cool drink of water.  I poured the remainder out on the ground and he ate the ice!  Silly horse!  I have the best of both worlds.  I love having a horse in the pasture again, I can brush him, talk to him, give him treats and yet I don't have the  responsibility, the expense, or the  headaches of owning a horse.  LOL  (My next door neighbor owns Doc.)
All in all, it was a GREAT day.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back Home!

We were slow moving this morning.  Neither one of us was in a hurry to leave.  Even though it rained all weekend  (the weatherman said just 30% chance of rain) there wasnt anything that I wanted to do that wasn't done.

We were so busy we never did set up the satellite tv.  Now that's something for us.  We are still getting use to our new phones.  Mine is the same but a lot faster.  Doug is not big on learning new computer/smartphones.  This is his first smartphone and he says it's smarter than he is.  I just need to get my new iPhone and all my other apple products linked together.  I do love that I can post notes on my computer or iPad and they are on my phone when I am out shopping.  My old iPhone was so slow that I rarely used the internet.  This one is so much faster that I may see that I don't need an iPad at all.  I am wondering if it has out-used its usefulness.  I don't like posting on an iPad because I like a keyboard.  That was the reason I got the Mac even though I had the iPad.  I just wasn't as happy with it as I thought I would be.  Now that I have the Mac Air, I wonder if I will ever use the iPad again.  I was just using it when we traveled and didn't have wifi at the campground.  Now that we have our own hotspot that I can tether the Mac to, I really see no need for the iPad.  Now I have to decide, do I keep it, sell it or what?  Doug loves the iPad and uses it instead of his laptop.  In fact I don't think he has used his laptop since getting the iPad. Different strokes for different folks.  It sounds like I need to get rid of my ipad and his laptop.  LOL
  This is our first trip using our new tire pressure sensors and it was nice knowing that the car back there was ok, tire wise.  The  alarm did go off because I had a couple of tires that were a little low on air.  I hadn't even noticed.  That  TST sure did though.  It scared me to death when it went off.  We weren't even hooked up and on the road yet!  LOL  My next surprise was airing up the tires.   We have always used our air compressor to air the tires up.  Well we stopped at the gas station to air them up and to my surprise it costs $1.00 for 3.5 min.  what happened to .25 for all the air you needed!  Of course we got 3 tires checked and aired up and had to put another $1.00 in for the 4th tire.  Bummer! We are good to go now though.  I'm ready for our next trip the first week in Oct.
 Come on OCTOBER!

Since I don't really look at my page I didn't realize that my blogs that I follow is not on my page anymore.  I looked at the template and it shows that they are all there.  Anyone know what happened and how I can get them back on there.  Everything on the template and layout still shows they should be there but they are not. HELP!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apple store training

Well I am at the Apple store for my training on my Mac.  I am learning how to use the shortcuts and copy pictures to my blog. All sorts of stuff!  The more I use my mac the more I love it.  I have a class on Ipages too.
This is my trainer guy!  :)
Of course I am old enough to be his mother, but he is still a cutey!
After I left the Apple store I went back and got Doug and we went to AT&T to look at new cell phones.   After much deliberation Doug got one of the new Samsung Galaxy. It has a large screen and works much the same as an iphone.  Of course, this is the phone that apple sued samsung over.  LOL

I got me a new iPhone 4S.  Didn't think I needed to get the 5 since I have been able to do quite nicely with an old iPhone 3.  Hopefuly I will get them all synced together and all will work well.
I am using my iPhone to tether to my Mac to do my blog.

So far so good. I think I will go play now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Anniversary Doug!

Today was Doug and my anniversary.  We have been married 32 years!  Doug sent me a pretty plant to work.  He knows that though I love flowers, I think that they are a waste of money.  They don't last long and cost way to much!

 rTonight he took me out to dinner at the Colonial Steak House.  I had a New York strip, baked potato and salad.  They brought us out a chocolate cake with cherries and a candle on top.  The food was great and of course I couldnt eat all my steak so I brought it home for later.  I was going to take my camera with me but just my luck, the battery was dead.  bummer!


All in all it was a great day.  Happy Anniversary Doug!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finally getting something accomplished!

Today we spent the afternoon outside.   It was so nice today.  I got the horse out for alittle while and let him eat some of the grass in the back yard.  He loves that since the pasture is kinda low on anything since the drought has been so bad.  I think he gets bored eating hay.  We also put a couple of pork butts on to smoke this afternoon.  I plan on having one of them tomorrow and maybe do something with the leftovers and then freeze the other one to take with us next weekend.  I have some one-to-one classes scheduled next saturday to learn some more about my new Mac.  We will stay at Maumelle so that we can enjoy this great weather we are having and I won't have to drive to Little Rock early in the morning. Plus I don't need a reason to get in the motorhome for the weekend.
  This afternoon while enjoying the weather we decided to go ahead and install our tire sensors.  I bought these over 3 years ago and never got them to work.  We tried and tried. We got so frustrated and each time we just put them back in the box and forgot about them for 3-4 months.  Well we finally sent them back to the factory and they said that the batteries were all bad in them.  It was going to cost $200 to replace ten of the sensors (you can't replace the batteries on this model) so Doug just upgraded to the new 510 model that has come out that you can replace the batteries.
We were dreading trying again since we had had so much trouble with the last ones.  Thank goodness these were a breeze to put on.  The sensors are alittle smaller and have teeny tiny screws in them so that you can replace the battery when needed.  They come with this neat little tool so that no once can steal them off your tires.  It takes this tool to put them on and take them off.

 In this pic I have the sensor on the tool ready to install on the tire.

It came with a smaller monitor than the one we had.  It shows the tire pressure and the tire temp.
You can put the monitor on a stand or mount it on the windshield.
Here is Doug finishing up with the last sensor.  Good job Doug!

I can smell those pork butts!!! They have been smoking for 7 hours now.  I think its time to wrap them up in some foil and let them rest. The big one will be wrapped in foil and left to cook an hour or two more.   Mmmmm good.  I'm thinking there is a pulled pork sandwich in my future.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sittin at home on a holiday weekend!

Well Doug got called out to work.  Last I heard from him this morning he was headed towards New Orleans now.  He left saturday morning early.  They were suppose to go to Baton Rouge but have since been moved twice.  He spent last night in Hattiesburg, MS.
  We wound up getting almost 9 inches of rain here.  There were several streets flooded.  I had to cross a flooded creek to get home.  I have never seen this particular creek that bad.  They closed the road right after I got through it.  I know I shouldn't have crossed it.  but I  watched two other cars make it and so I just plodded on.  I wish I had my camera with me.
  Doug left his tractor up close to the house and didn't get it put back in the barn before he left.  When I got home the flashers were flashing away.  I went out and turned them off and not two hours later they were flashing again.  I had thought maybe a cat had walked across the buttons and turned it on, but no, I guess it didn't like all that rain either.  I had to go out and turn it off two more times last night and when I got up this morning they were flashing again.  I called my brother-in-law and he came over and disconnected the battery.  Thats one way to stop it.  We had so much rain that the bucket on the front was completely full of water!  Thats a lot of rain.

  I am about to make our reservations for the Pigeon Forge trip in October, let's hope that the weather doesn't put a damper on that trip!