Monday, August 27, 2012

We are on hold

Looks like our weekend trip will be canceled thanks to Isaac.  Right now Doug is waiting to find out where he will have to go to work.  At first he was going to leave in the morning and go to La. but they have decided that they will wait and see what happens tomorrow.  They may be needed in Ar.  I thought it might be a good idea but no one ever asks me.  I am disappointed but looking at the weather forecast, it doesn't look like good weather the entire weekend.  Oh well. Guess I will look into doing something else this long weekend. Whatever it is, it will have to be done inside.  We really need the rain so I don't guess I should complain.  Maybe I will spend time out in the motorhome. I can pretend that its parked someplace great.
I did get an email from TST today.  They have our unit and will be testing it out tomorrow. I hope to find out something soon.
Everyone stay safe out there.  Catch you later.