Sunday, August 26, 2012

To Go or not to Go

I will be glad when Isaac decides what and where it is going.  We planned on spending the weekend at Tunica.  Then Isaac gets wishy washy on where its going to reek havoc.  As of today it may be heading our direction.  I would hate to get to Tunica and Isaac come a callin'.  LOL
I am not giving in at this point.  Of course, Doug may be called out to help if there is alot of outages in the area.  Whatever its going to do, I just wish it would do it.
It feels like its been forever since we have been in the motor home.  It's calling my name.  We tried again to get our TST tire monitoring system to work and still no luck.  We called the folks at TST and they were very nice.  They tried to help us but it still wouldn't  work.  We bought this a couple of years ago and have never had it on the tires.  I know, not good.  Well they ended up telling us to send it back to them and they would check the unit out.  Haven't heard from the yet. I hope that everything gets fixed and back to us before we go to Pigeon Forge in October.
Stay safe out there, wherever you are.