Friday, August 3, 2012

My new Mac!

Sorry I haven't posted lately.  Haven't been anywhere and we haven't done anything, except, BUY ME A NEW MACBOOK AIR!  I have taken the past few days getting used to a mac and I must say that I love it.  It boots up so fast! I love the track pad or whatever  they call it.  I am trying to get use to all the shortcuts.  I like using two fingers to scroll through pages and swiping from one page to the other.  I have spent some time setting everything up and getting my favorites and bookmarks all moved over.  The worst thing that I have experienced is the change in Quicken.  I have used quicken for ten or twenty years.  How long has it been out?  Thats how long I have used it and I have always liked how easy it is to use.  Well..... the Mac version is so different that had I known I think I would have just bought a totally different software and started over completely.  I might as well have.  Nothing is the same!  I am not too crazy about the changes either.  It doesn't do half what the windows version did.  Oh well.  I guess I will get use to it sooner or later.
The next problem that I have encountered is that my camera uses an xd card and the Mac has a SD slot. Bummer!  well there are ways around that.  I will just use my usb cable and link the camera to the laptop.
See there is my new Mac!