Thursday, August 30, 2012

Isaac is headed our way

Isaac is dumping a lot of water in its path as it heads up through Arkansas.  It started raining here around noon.  We haven't had rain in a long while and though it is very much needed, what we are getting is not what we need now.  The wind is blowing and the rain is falling and falling and falling.  Already the ditches are filled and the streets are filling up.  We had 1.75 inches of rain by 6:00 with no sign of it letting up.  This is just the outer bands that are here now.  They expect and predict several more inches of rain before Isaac moves on.
  Farmers are saying it's too much and too late.  The crops are almost ready to harvest and this much rain can ruin them.  Cotton is 10-12 days from harvest.  The fluffy white fiber is now getting wet and falling to the ground.  Cotton on the ground is useless.  Soybeans are almost ready to harvest also.  When it gets wet just before harvest, it can mold.  Rice, even though it grows in flooded fields, can't be harvested in those conditions.  Isaac is causing damage and hurting alot of people.  I hope that as it moves through our state and on to another that it will weaken and cause no more damage.
  Isaac ruined my trip this weekend, but it has ruined alot more than that for hundreds of people.  I hope that it weakens soon and becomes just a easy rain on a late summers day. Stay safe out there folks.