Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blogs and Bloggers oh my!

I've been reading the blogs I follow.  It's funny how you can read someone's blog and after a while you feel like you know this person; that they are your friend.   Someone that you have never actually met but you get to know their lives day to day.  Why we are so interested is beyond me, but I know that I missed "sassy" when she didn't blog for over a month.  I wondered if she was ok and how her dog Bennie was.  In fact it was Bennie that caught my attention when I first found her blog.  You see Bennie looks exactly like my dog Muffie.  We lost Muffie a couple of years ago.  She was almost 14 years old.  Seeing Bennie just made me smile. So I started following her blog to see Bennie.  LOL Hope that isn't an insult to Sassy! Not meant to be.  (sassysondaroad.blogspot.com)
    I found Karen on another blog.  She had beautiful rugs that she hand wove.  She also makes socks! Her and her husband were looking at retiring next year and full timing.  Since Doug and I are looking forward to retiring next year, I started following her blog. Her hubby Steve is one of those "can fix anything " people.  Boy I wish my hubby was.  He is one of those, "find me someone to fix this" people.  I have learned a lot from Steve.  I especially have learned how much we don't know about our motor home and unfortunately how it can hurt us!   (kareninthewoods.blogspot.com)
    The very first blog I ever started reading was Tioga George.  He has been blogging for almost 10 years now.  His travels and views are always interesting.  He makes me want to go check out Mexico.
Pinnacle Mtn
    There are so many good blogs out there. There are many more that I follow.  They are listed here on my site.  These are friends of mine that I have never met.  I may never meet them but I still feel that they are my friends.  In this digital world, I guess we now have digital friends.  From Newfoundland to Mexico, and many miles in between, I learn something everyday from my new friends.  They inspire me in different ways.  We all might be miles apart, but we are as close as a blog away.