Sunday, July 15, 2012


We decided to go to Catherines Landing in Hot Springs for the weekend.  Here is the website for the campground/resort.    I didn't get off until 4 so Doug went ahead and left so that he could get set up.  Hot Springs is only an hour from where we live.  About 3 Doug called and said that we had a problem with the motor home.  He had no brakes!  He made it to the RV resort but only barely.  He was backing in and the motor home locked completely up! It wouldn't move at all. He had NO air pressure.  This is not a good thing.  He looked and looked trying to find a leak in the air bags or the lines and didn't find one.  He unhooked the dryer and still no luck.  There had to be a leak but he couldn't find it.  He decided he had no choice, he called Good Sams and asked them to find a mechanic that would come out.  It was getting late by then and Doug said "just put me on the list for first thing in the morning".  We went to bed last night wondering just how much this was going to cost.

Early this morning Good Sam called and said they had found a mechanic that would come look at it at 11.  True to their word, at 11 he was here. It took him about 15 minutes to find the problem.  We had a bad hose at the compressor.  He had to go back to his shop to make one.  They couldn't get it off and had to cut it with a saw.  That didn't look good.  Bottom line because it was a Saturday,  he had to go back to his shop 25 miles away, and he had us and he knew it, it cost us $559 to change a $50 hose.  We needed Steve (Karen in the Woods, blog) he can fix anything.

We did have a good weekend anyway.  We went to Bath House Row in downtown Hot Springs.
The Fordyce Bath House is set up as a museum so that you can see how it was when it was built back around 1915.
This is a stained glass ceiling in the Mens shower/steam room.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  Even after all this time, the colors are so vivid.
This statue was directly under the stained glass ceiling.
This was the parlor.  Notice the ceilings are stained glass. On each end of this parlor are separate parlors for just men and just women.  A lot of segregation of the sexes in this bath house.  LOL
Here is Jim, Libby and Doug in front of the Arlington Hotel.
Hope you can read this.  It tells of the history of the Arlington and some of its infamous visitors.
The hot water coming up out of the ground is REALLY hot!  It is suppose to have healing powers.  I guess that is why there is so many bath houses on bath house row. LOL
The picture isn't too clear but I guess you can tell that that's King Kong that Libby has an infatuation with.
Well after shopping a little while we decided to do what we do best, eat.

Almost forgot to take a pic for the blog.  There was more but Jim was hungry and ate it before we could get the pic.  Fried catfish, hushpuppies, slaw and french fries.  This place was a great find for us.  Thanks urbanspoon!  The food was great and they also had bread pudding that was to die for.  Oh yea, the name of the restaurant was Mr. Whiskers.  Sure hate to go home tomorrow.