Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time to head home

We slept late (of course) trying to enjoy our last day here.

Then we headed for the Red Oak Fillin Station for lunch.  Yes we do eat a lot.
After checking things out, we went in to enjoy some Chicken and Dressing, corn, cream potatoes and gravy and a biscuit. All but Libbie, she had a hamburger and onion rings.
Unfortunately we had to pack up and go home.  Jim and Libbie moved on to Lake Catherine State Park for a night or maybe two.  He had to rub it in that we had to go home so that we could go to work.  They sure are enjoying their retirement!  Come on January!
In case you think this looks a little familiar, that's because it is.  We came to this place a few months back when we were checking out Catherine's Landing.  RERUN!
We are home, unloaded and Doug is doing what he likes to do best!