Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Fallen Soldier Comes Home

Today was a very sad day in our community.  One of our young men serving in Afganistan was brought home and buried today.  If it wasn't hard enough for this young widow and her babies, to say goodbye to their loved one, the Westboro Church, if you can call it that, posted on their website they were coming to  declare that his death was God's doing as a punishment.  I believe they were out numbered today and even though they were seen in town,  they did not disrupt the funeral of this fine young man as they have others across the country.
People from all over town came and lined the streets on both sides. Most carrying American Flags.
This fallen hero deserved our respect.
When the family heard that Westboro members were coming to demonstrate, they asked the Patriot Riders to please come.  Over 200 came.

The demonstrators stayed at their hotel.

My thoughts and prayers go out the the Strachota family.  God Bless America, Again

Sgt. Michael Joseph Strachota