Monday, July 9, 2012

It finally rained!

It has been terribly dry here.  We have not had a decent rain in months.  Yesterday and today we finally got a good slow steady rain.  Since it rained most of the day yesterday, I spent part of the day catching up on my reading blogs.  I have recently started reading RV-a-go-go and I needed to go back to the beginning and catch up. I love the recipes and beautiful pics that they post.  If you don't read their blog, I recommend them highly.  I think you will enjoy their posts.  There are several blogs that I like to follow, Karen in the Woods is another.  I am very jealous that their new adventure is starting soon.  They have sold their house and next month when it closes, they will officially be fulltimers!
While I was soaking up all this knowledge that I gleem from all of these blogs, I started to wonder.  How do you decide what to keep and what to give up?  When down sizing from a stick house to a much smaller RV something has to give!  My biggest question is the closet.  I have alot of clothes and shoes and shoes and more shoes.  How do you decide how much is enough?  Since you are moving from area to area, reruns on clothing shouldn't be a problem.  You can wear the same clothes over and over, I guess.  Is 5 shirts, 10 shirts enough?  Is 3 pair of shoes enough?  A pair of blue jeans, slacks and shorts?  I got to looking in my closet and I realized that I don't wear half of whats in there! So now I know I can cut my wardrobe in half, no problem.  But this still doesn't get it down to RV closet size. It seems like every trip we take I waffle back and forth between taking way too many clothes and not taking enough.  It's hard to find just the right amount.  What about different seasons?  Is there room for both winter and summer clothing? So my question to you is, Just how much clothing do you really need?
Another thing I was thinking about is a dishwasher.  I like to cook but I sure hate to wash dishes.  I think one would fit fine under the cooktop.  I don't have an oven and I have plenty of storage.  I don't think I would miss that one cabinet under the cooktop. I am afraid to price this little goody.   Is there something in your stick home that you really don't want to give up?
Looks like rainy days really get my brain to working.    I have til January 31st to prepare.  Even though we won't be selling the house right away (I am still working on Doug) our first trip should take us 4-5 months to complete.   Now I need to figure out what I need and live with it.  LOL