Sunday, July 22, 2012

I love deer but.....

I was so proud of my sweet potato vine.  It was growing by leaps and bounds.  Unfortunately, it must have not only looked beautiful but delicious also.
The deer love to come up in the front yard and eat all of the crab apples off the tree.   I guess they needed a salad to go with their meal.  That barrel was so full of green vine you couldn't see the petunias! Only good thing is that now the petunias are getting some sun and growing.  There are plenty of crab apples, leave my sweet potato vines alone!  We have golden delicious apple trees too, but the squirrels  try to eat them all before the deer so we don't stand a chance. Both trees were loaded last year and we didn't get a one.  One day they were loaded, the next day they were bare. Hmmm  They also love Hosta plants.  I think the deer think my front yard is a buffet.
Thank goodness they left the one on the porch alone.  Probably because the light came on when they got close.  LOL