Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Dog Children

Today very good friends of ours lost their dog-child, Tootie.  She was 13 1/2.
I know from experience just how hard this is.  We love our pets as part of our family and when we lose one we hurt just the same.  Unlike our human family, our pets give us unconditional love.  The don't care if we mistreat them, forget to give them more food or water, didn't praise them when they did something good, they love us still the same.  They are always happy to see us.  They greet us with exuberance whether we were gone 2 hrs or 2 minutes.  They are just always happy to see us.  They really love us.  We love them.
Tootie may be gone but she won't be forgotten.  The love she gave will always be remembered.
Good girl Tootie!