Sunday, June 24, 2012

We're home!

 We stopped last night at a KOA at Lake Eufaula Ok.  We were so tired it sure was nice that they had a little cafe inside the KOA.  We had fried catfish for supper.
Here we are at our site.  We left Amarillo around 11 and arrived at the KOA at 5:30.  That is just too long to be on the road.  If we didn't have to be at work on Monday, there is no way I would want to stay on the road that long.  Notice we didn't boon dock on the way back. Doug offered to try again and use the generator but I didn't think that was such a good idea.  As tired as I was I wasn't ready for heat too!  The first thing we noticed when we got out of the motor home was the humidity.  Though not as bad as home it was much higher than in Texas.  I sure liked that low humidity.  I could handle the heat a lot better there.
Doug at his favorite job, dumping!  NOT!
This was going to be a good pic I took going down the road, but my camera has a second delay and a truck blocked the pic.  Story of my life!
We stopped in Clarksville, AR. for a bite to eat at South Park Restaurant.  I don't know if it was named after the tv show or not.  The food was good and it was nice to get out and stretch.  We could tell we were in Arkansas though.  The humidity was terrible!  Ten minutes outside in this heat and there won't be a dry spot on you.
She is back in her spot and unloaded except for the refrigerator.  I ran out energy before I got that done.  We will finish that tomorrow.   For now it's time to rest.