Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sorry I've just been so busy!

We have had a few busy days here in Amarillo. We started the day with pancakes (I used the mix from cracker barrell which of course is Ashlynn's favorite.) Notice we also had CB syrup. Yum!

After fueling up we headed to the Don Harrington Discovery Center. It is a great place and we hated to leave.
There were lots of creative learning things to do and I think we did them all.
Here Doug is hoisting Ashlynn up in the air.  Hoisting sounds so bad doesnt it. LOL
She put on a play for everyone around. Even had some helpers join in.
She danced her little heart out.
And even ended with a bow!
We left there and saw some adoreable praire dogs on the way back to the Campground.  They were so cute I could have taken one home with me.
They seem to abundant I guess around here they are just another "squirrel". Ashlynn wants to play and since I only have 2 more days with her I guess I better go.  I will add more later.