Thursday, June 14, 2012

On the way to Amarillo!

We left this afternoon around 3:00. The weather is hot but the sky is clear so we are rolling! It's an easy drive. You just get on I40 and head west. You don't get off til you get there. Around 7:00 we decided that we better start looking for a place to stop for the night. I had hoped we would make it as far as Oklahoma city which is the half way point. But here we are in henryetta, ok. Yes it is spelled that way.

We took the exit and I told doug that there was a Walmart here ,we can just boon dock. We have never done that before and I thought it would be a fun experience for us. Well the Walmart in this town is so small that if we parked on their lot we would take up all the parking spots! Doug passed that opportunity up and turned onto another lot. I hollered at him but not soon enough, he thought it had a in and out drive and alas it didn't! One way in same way out and way to small a lot to turn around especially pulling a toad! We got out looked around studied our options an Doug decided that he could make it through a small spot that use to be a drive but now was grass and very unlevel. I held on and even though it was rough and the hitch did drag some, we made it out ok. We are parked behind the Loves gas station at a ballpark. I don't know about this boon docking stuff. I can say I've done it but I don't know that I will do it again. We have the windows open and there is a nice breeze, BUT, this is way to "roughing" it for me. If we run the generator, we will probably burn enough diesel that we could have paid for a camp site. What is the draw for This type of travel? I don't understand. I think this will be a " been there, done that" experience.
Here is a pic of the baseball field we are in front of. Notice spelling of Henryetta.

I did this on the iPad so I can't add a pic til tomorrow when we get to civilization. Oh no! I smell a skunk! What have I done!
Notice the price of diesel.  This is the best price we have gotten for awhile.  One good thing LOL