Saturday, June 16, 2012

It was a good Day!

After sleeping late, we went to check out the Mercantile store here at the campground.  I have to say it wasn't at all what I expected.  I thought it would be your usual "campground store".  It's not.
When we went inside I was really surprised not only at the amount of inventory they had, but also the variety.
I could have spent half a day looking at all the goodies they had but I settled for an hour and left with a princess fairy night light and a peace sign key cover. It's the little things in life that make me happy. LOL
As we were leaving I looked up at a bird house that was outside the door and saw a bird looking back at me.  I believe that this was a baby. A large baby but it still have some fuzz on its head and it never did fly off and I got that close. I don't know what kind of bird it was.
I was going to take some more pics of the campground but this was the only one I got before my camera battery was dead.  I just charged it.  I guess I need to buy another battery.  I am charging it now, we will see how long it lasts.

We went to Ashlynn's birthday party and enjoyed watching the kids play.  It was at Chuck E Cheese.  After the party we decided to just chill for the evening.  A storm blew through around 10 and rocked the motor home for awhile.  It sounded like we had some hail.  We will have to have a look tomorrow to see if we had any damage.  The wind sure blows alot here in Amarillo!