Saturday, June 23, 2012

Forgot to show you this

Ok, I raised 2 boys.  No girls, but I am one myself, so I think I can dress a now 6 year old. No problem.
Well my lovely daughter-in-law just doesn't  think that I can.  Just because when she was around 2 or 3, I dressed her in what I thought was a dress, (I did think that it was short but I just thought Ashlynn was outgrowing it.) Well it was a blouse. You could see her little girl panties when she walked.   In my defense,  if you could have seen this top, you would have thought it was a dress too.  I know you would have.
Anyway, she sends Ashlynns suitcase packed like this.
Every zip lock bag has a days set of clothes, matching bows, shoes etc.
Yep, even shoes.  I didn't have to think about anything when it came to dressing Ashlynn.  She even had pony tail thingys in each bag.  She said she saw this on Pinterest.  It was a tip for saving room in luggage.  She said it came to her that it should be helpful for me.  Not that I needed any help, she just wanted to make it as easy for me as possible.  She was laying it on alittle thick.  I think I might have believed it was just a neat thing if she hadn't laid it on so thick.  No, wait, as soon as I saw those zip bags with each days clothes I knew it.  I knew I never was gonna live it down.  I never would be trusted to dress her little girl again.
Well, it worked, she sure looked nice this week.  It sure was easy to just grab a bag and dress away.  Let's don't tell Lori though.