Friday, June 22, 2012

A dead battery makes an unhappy camper

My battery in the camera will not hold a charge.  Some days its good to go and some days I get a few pics and its dead. Nothing worse than having a great shot in the lens and suddenly the screen go blue!  I am going to the store to replace it today.  Damage is already done though, I missed some great shots yesterday.
We went to see Ashlynn play T-ball.  It was her last game.  I am glad we got to see her play.  It was fun.  It was like mass confusion!  Some of the kids are starting to get the jest of playing and some still don't have a clue.  Good times were had by all the kids and that's what matters.
We had lunch today at Blue Sky.  This is a great hamburger place. Best burger I think I've ever had.  Yep it beat Five Guys and Cheeburger cheeburger.
If you are ever around Amarillo, you need to check them out. They are cheaper than McDonalds! Really, they have great prices too. Four of us ate for around $33.

We are going to see a house that they are looking at today.  Yep, they are house hunting.  What a fun job!  We all loved the house and they are going to make an offer on it.  Glad we were here to see it.
After supper Lori and Brian went to a movie and Ashlynn and I went over to the fishing pond.
We walked around what she called the "maze".
Her and her new friend did some fishing and Ashlynn caught her first catfish.
She really didn't want to touch it. LOL
Close up of the baby catfish she caught.  Yes it was released.
Ashlynn and her new friend.
As you can see by the time she finished fishing it was dark. We leave tomorrow and I am not ready to go.  I have really enjoyed being here this week and am ready to plan another trip back. I think I am going to wear out the roads between Houston and Amarillo.  I really need a home in the middle of Texas!
Time to  leave the site we have called home for the week. I don't think we will boon dock on the way home.  LOL