Friday, June 15, 2012

After a long day we made it to Amarillo

We had a thunderstorm last night and when we got up this morning the clouds were still there but no rain.  I didn't sleep that well because it was just too hot.  When the storm  came thru it cooled down and that is the only sleep I got.  I didn't want to run the generator last night because I thought running it for 8 hours would be as costly as renting a campsite. I wanted to see if I could do this or would it be better to just get a campsite for just one night.  Well in my experiment, boon docking lost!  Am I wrong, should I have run the generator all night? Is that cheaper than a campsite?  I didn't do well without electricity either.  I missed the noise of the tv.  I know I shouldn't and half the time it's just on and I don't watch it, but I like it being on.  I like seeing the news. Don't think I will boondock again any time soon unless someone tells me I just did it all wrong.
When we got close to Clinton, OK there was a stretch of all these windmills.  They are so big! There were so many of them.  This is the best place for them because the wind was terrible.  It was blowing us all over the road.
There were just rows and rows of them.  All turning.  Really look different from the old windmills of years ago.  I wish I could have gotten a pic that showed just how big these things were!
Ok  I know the quality of the pic is bad but we were traveling down the road at 60+ mph.  The water tower was leaning like this last year when we came this way.  I don't know why its still standing especially in all the wind around here. But it is. LOL
This is where we are staying and I must say I am impressed.  The campgrounds are very clean and the sites are all pull thru's.
This is the young man that checked us in.  They also have a store that I will check out tomorrow.  Our site is right next to the indoor pool.

The best part of the day was when Ashlynn saw me and ran up to me grabbed me into a big hug and said "I love you grand-mama! I missed you."
That just made my day.
After having supper at Saltgrass, I played with Ashlynn until I was about to drop.
It's time to hit the bed and rest up for tomorrow.  Sounds like rain again tonight.
I'm a happy woman. I am able to see my grand baby and have a week to play!
Better get some rest.