Monday, May 28, 2012

Tunica, Ms.

I  have been too busy (and too lazy) to get the blog updated, but we are still here at Hollywood RV Park.  We arrived Friday about 6:00.

 Jim and Libby Matthews had already set up and were waiting on us to arrive so that we could all go eat crab legs!
Matthews RV next to ours
 In fact, as soon as we had the Motor home set, off we went.  The crab legs were worth the trip! Yummmm  I was too hungry to think about bringing the camera.   After supper we went into the casino and played for awhile.  Doug and I both came out ok.  we were up about $30.00.  Saturday morning, I fixed breakfast for us and the Matthews.  I have to clarify that.  Jim and I fixed breakfast.  We had scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy.  It hit the spot.  After breakfast we headed for the Outlet Mall.  The guys decided to go in their own vehicle because they didn't want to stay as long as they figured we would shop.  Libby found her three dresses for the upcoming wedding of her son.  She also bought a blouse and a scarf and two pair of shoes.  I think she is ready for the wedding now.  Not too soon I might add, the wedding is in two weeks.  I bought a few things for Ashlynn.  Her birthday is coming up and I want to get her some clothes.  The toy stuff will be bought next.  Doug bought him a few shirts and when I looked at them, I swear they are all the same colors that he just bought recently.  I guess he really likes those colors.  I hope so, I think he now has three new powder blue and 4 new tangerine ones!  Oh well.
I know you can't tell, but look real close.  You can see our new tires on the HHR!  One more thing  done in preparation for the big "R".  They sure do ride a lot better than the old ones.  They are also alot quieter.  The others only had 30,000 miles on them but one had a flat spot and they were just rough riding tires.  I hated them. They were so loud that it sounded like I had mud tires on the car. Bummer
Doug and Tootie resting

While we babysat Tootie, Jim and Libby went out exploring for the afternoon.
It was nice having a dog around for the afternoon
Tootie on her afternoon walk about
After resting (of course) we went to Sam's Town for supper.  The food was very good.

After supper we checked out the casino floor and lost alittle money.  I had more fun watching an elderly woman win $500!  She came up to me and said " I don't know what I did but I got this" and she showed me her ticket.  Sure enough it was for $250 she went and cashed it and came back up to me and showed me the money and said "look it was real!  She didn't believe she had won.  She sat down and played alittle longer and sure enough she hit $250 again.  It was fun watching her excitement.

Notice the empty pockets as we leave.  Of course, Libby was just teasing, 
When we got back to our rigs, we played a game of Mexican Dominoes.  Guess who won that too!  Yep, Libby!
Got to go get some rest now, unfortunately we have to head home tomorrow.
We had a great time.