Saturday, May 19, 2012

This saturday is a work day at home

  I thought Friday would never get here.  It was a long week.  Friday was Doug's birthday and we went to Laynes Steak House in Star City to celebrate.  My sister and her husband joined us.  The steaks were delicious as usual and afterward we had to visit the bakery and of course, the jewelry store.  Doug was lucky this time, I didn't buy anything.  We slept late this morning and then had pancakes for breakfast.  Afterward,  we had to get some work done around here.  The yard needed mowing, the porches needed to be power washed and the house needed to be cleaned.  We have been gone so much on the weekends that we were behind on some of the yard work.  It took all day but it was a good day to be outside and we got everything done.
Next weekend we will take a trip to Tunica Ms. with some friends.  I think I have everything done in the motor home that needed to be done before we leave. So I am ready for the count down.
8 months til Doug retires!