Thursday, May 31, 2012

There's a horse in the pasture again

We have a new neighbor next door and a few weeks back she mentioned that she had a horse but had to stable it quite a ways away.  I offered our pasture and barn so that she could bring it close and she took me up on it.  It is comforting for me to look out there and see a horse again. The horses name is Doc.  I have always loved horses and had one years ago.  I love the smell of horses. I know, not everyone agrees with that one.  My horse thought she was human.  She loved french fries.  I know, I shouldn't have given her those, but she would steal them if you didn't give her one.  Her name was Cinnamon Lady. I called her Cindy.   She was a line-back dun.  She was a beauty, but that's not what I liked the most about her.  She had a great personality, very vocal.  Every time I walked outside she would nicker at me.  It is Doc's personality that reminds me of Cindy.  He has her love for attention.  He likes to nicker when he sees you and stomp on the bottom rung of the gate if you ignore him, just like Cindy did.   He likes treats but I only give him horse treats. He isn't mine after all.

sorry about the over exposure.  The flash wasnt really needed and Doc didn't think it was needed either. LOL