Friday, May 11, 2012

Mothers Day Weekend!

The weekend is finally here!  I received beautiful flowers from my two sons.
Everyone at work was alittle jealous I think. LOL

These were from Mike and Kaitlyn.

These were from Brian, Lori and Ashlynn.
I have the best sons ever!  I wish they could both be here this weekend.

When we got back from our trip last weekend, Doug topped the tanks off when we got into town.  Today fuel prices dropped 10 cents a gallon! Just our luck. Hopefully they will continue to drop and we can take advantage of it next time.
Taking a trip to Camping world tomorrow. I am going to get a small small step for the motor home.  Last weekend our site was a little low and that first step was a doosy.  They are on sale this weekend.  Can't believe the silly things are as high as they are. If I have to buy one I want to get it while its $30 off.  Personally I don't think think they should be $30 much less $90.  But you gotta have, what you gotta have.