Sunday, May 6, 2012

Home again and the posts are updated

I have updated this weekends posts and added pics.  I had to use the Ipad because there wasn't wifi at the campground.  I like the Ipad for this reason and this reason only.  I don't know if its me and my lack of knowledge of the ipad or if I am expecting to much from it, but I guess it has it's place.  The silly thing won't do everything that I want it to do.  I can't post pics! I have the first ipad, Doug has the Ipad 2.  I tried using his and still couldn't do everything I wanted.  I like using my camera instead of taking the ipad with me everywhere and there isnt a way to download the pics from a camera. bummer!
I want a Mac Air and a mifi card.  What does everyone else use?  I have ATT right  now and it's time to upgrade my phone.  I have an iphone and i'm not that impressed with it.  I don't really use anything on it but the camera and text. Mine takes too long to download web so I never use it.  I have the Ipad so I really dont see the need for a smartphone. I was thinking that maybe I should get a plain jane phone that just does calls and text and then get a personal wifi card.  I know that a smartphone can be tethered to a computer (up to 5) but I dont know the advantages of going that route.  Any suggestions?  Verizon looks like the best coverage but I have no experience with it and I don't know anyone in this area that uses Verizon. hmmm
I am trying to prepare for retirement next year and our trip up through Canada and Newfoundland and then down the east coast.  I don't want  to be without wifi.  It will be my luck I will buy all these gadgets and not need them at all.
Here are some more pics from Cane Creek

this is the walk down to one of the docks.

Its a good fishing lake.  Lots of catfish, brim, crappie, and bass!