Saturday, May 12, 2012

Camping World here we come!

  1. Went to Camping world today to buy some stuff.  We also looked at surge protectors.  I have read so much about the horrors of surges and the need for the protectors that I think we need to get one. We just don't know which one to get.  It will have to be a 50 amp but hard wired or post plug-in?  Which? There's about $100 diff in the price and then you have the installation on the hard wired one. Hmmmmm. 
  • I bought a platform step It has adjustable heights.  It will also support up to 1000 lbs so I'm covered.   I really needed this last weekend.  The first step was very high and thankfully they were on sale this weekend. Why would something so small and simple cost so much money?  Its regularly $99, (sale $64) that's why I've been putting off buying one.  I looked at Target, Walmart and Lowes hoping to find a step reasonably priced; no such luck. 
  • I also bought one of those knife savers.  I needed to get the knives out of the drawer and thought that was the solution.  Now I have to decide if I want to put it on the back of a cabinet door or on the back splash.  
  • When we left CW we went to the Memphis Flea Market.  Its not in Memphis it was in Jacksonville.   Only thing I got there was a Razorback t-shirt and a  smart sponge.   Its suppose to be a super sponge and pick up all liquid and not drip. The demo impressed me so yea I got it.  I got two for the house and one for the motor home.  They also came with a super shamy cloth. 
  • It was a good day.  We're tired and ready to watch Nascar.  Go Jimmy!