Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beautiful day at Cane Creek

I love sleeping late in the MH. I don't know why but it just makes me smile. It's so peaceful here. The only noise is a child or two flying by laughing on their bicycles. We walked down to one of the docks that is close to our site. There were some kids fishing with their grandpaw. One proudly announced to me that she had caught two fish. I didn't see any so they must have been too small to keep.

We went to the Village for lunch. This is a religious cult or commune, that has several businesses all together in one place. They have a ice cream/sandwich shop, called The Sweet Shop. This is where we ate lunch.

There is Village Steak House, which has the best steak and prime rib around.

There is a BBQ and Fish place, a leather shop and taxidermy place.

Unfortunately there is also a bakery that has the best breads and pies around. I had to stop there for a sugar free Italian creme cake. Mmmm good

A afternoon nap was on the schedule next.

This evening we had a shower/BBQ to attend.
Jim and Doug got coaxed into doing the cooking.  It didnt take much.

All in all it the was a relaxing day.

We haven't had the tv on all weekend and I'm surprised I haven't missed it. Of course the satellite dish couldn't find a signal so I had to do without it, but still it was nice with out it. I don't think I would go as far as to say I don't need the tv. I do enjoy the boob tube. If I don't have a choice I can survive.

Gorgeous moon tonight.

My camera didn't do the moon justice.  My son took this one last night.