Thursday, May 31, 2012

There's a horse in the pasture again

We have a new neighbor next door and a few weeks back she mentioned that she had a horse but had to stable it quite a ways away.  I offered our pasture and barn so that she could bring it close and she took me up on it.  It is comforting for me to look out there and see a horse again. The horses name is Doc.  I have always loved horses and had one years ago.  I love the smell of horses. I know, not everyone agrees with that one.  My horse thought she was human.  She loved french fries.  I know, I shouldn't have given her those, but she would steal them if you didn't give her one.  Her name was Cinnamon Lady. I called her Cindy.   She was a line-back dun.  She was a beauty, but that's not what I liked the most about her.  She had a great personality, very vocal.  Every time I walked outside she would nicker at me.  It is Doc's personality that reminds me of Cindy.  He has her love for attention.  He likes to nicker when he sees you and stomp on the bottom rung of the gate if you ignore him, just like Cindy did.   He likes treats but I only give him horse treats. He isn't mine after all.

sorry about the over exposure.  The flash wasnt really needed and Doc didn't think it was needed either. LOL

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday is still a Monday

I love holidays but....  The day after is always payday.  Not the good one though.  You pay for your day off.  The day following a holiday is always hectic. Twice the phone calls, twice the problems working on half the rest.  Of course I've squeezed in all the fun I could with little sleep, thus half the rest.  I do this every time we have a day off.  You'd think I'd learn, but I don't.  Lucky for me even though Doug had the same kind of day I did, he was craving BLT sandwiches for supper and he even fixed them! Yay for Doug!  He wins best hubby award for the day.  I love that tomatoes are in season now.  I would have been just as happy with a tomato sandwich but I won't tell Doug.
Since I have fallen asleep twice on the couch, I guess I need to go to bed.  I am hoping for a better day tomorrow.  At least tomorrow is hump day!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

We enjoyed our stay at Hollywood Casino.  The sites have full hookups plus cable.  They are reasonably priced and you can walk to the casino.  What more could you ask for?  
One of the best places close by to eat is the Blue and White Restaurant.  It was featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives.  They have the BEST fried chicken around.  I also love their fried dill pickles.  Yumm If you are ever in the area you have to go there.
It use to be a service station years ago, they just added on to the building. They really do have great food.  They also make home made rolls and donuts. Everything is cooked to order.
Doug at his favorite job, NOT

It's a 2 1/2 hour drive home.  The weather was great and the traffic light.  I guess most people were home grilling. It was a great trip, just too short. The worst part of any trip is unloading. UGHHH!  Especially when it is so hot and humid.  I did most of the wash last night in the motor home.  That really helps a lot.  I have read some of the forums on the Good Sam site and I am really surprised at the number of people that don't want a washer/dryer in their RV.  I love mine! I keep the wash caught up while we are on our trip so that I don't have this pile to face when we get home.  I understand if you dry camp why you wouldn't want one, but if you don't dry camp, why wouldn't you want one?  Most of the places we stay at have full hook ups so the tanks aren't a problem.  I just wash on the evenings we are home. The only thing I have to wash now is the bedding. TaDa!  My simple mind is so easily pleased. 
I hope everyone has had a good Memorial Day.  
Please take the time to remember our soldiers that are fighting for our freedom.  I am thankful for all of those that chose to serve our country so that I can enjoy freedom.  To the families who have lost loved ones, and those that areo  home having to carry on alone, I am so sorry for your loss. I do appreciate the sacrifices made for our freedom.  We should never take freedom for granted, it is not free.

Tunica, Ms.

I  have been too busy (and too lazy) to get the blog updated, but we are still here at Hollywood RV Park.  We arrived Friday about 6:00.

 Jim and Libby Matthews had already set up and were waiting on us to arrive so that we could all go eat crab legs!
Matthews RV next to ours
 In fact, as soon as we had the Motor home set, off we went.  The crab legs were worth the trip! Yummmm  I was too hungry to think about bringing the camera.   After supper we went into the casino and played for awhile.  Doug and I both came out ok.  we were up about $30.00.  Saturday morning, I fixed breakfast for us and the Matthews.  I have to clarify that.  Jim and I fixed breakfast.  We had scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy.  It hit the spot.  After breakfast we headed for the Outlet Mall.  The guys decided to go in their own vehicle because they didn't want to stay as long as they figured we would shop.  Libby found her three dresses for the upcoming wedding of her son.  She also bought a blouse and a scarf and two pair of shoes.  I think she is ready for the wedding now.  Not too soon I might add, the wedding is in two weeks.  I bought a few things for Ashlynn.  Her birthday is coming up and I want to get her some clothes.  The toy stuff will be bought next.  Doug bought him a few shirts and when I looked at them, I swear they are all the same colors that he just bought recently.  I guess he really likes those colors.  I hope so, I think he now has three new powder blue and 4 new tangerine ones!  Oh well.
I know you can't tell, but look real close.  You can see our new tires on the HHR!  One more thing  done in preparation for the big "R".  They sure do ride a lot better than the old ones.  They are also alot quieter.  The others only had 30,000 miles on them but one had a flat spot and they were just rough riding tires.  I hated them. They were so loud that it sounded like I had mud tires on the car. Bummer
Doug and Tootie resting

While we babysat Tootie, Jim and Libby went out exploring for the afternoon.
It was nice having a dog around for the afternoon
Tootie on her afternoon walk about
After resting (of course) we went to Sam's Town for supper.  The food was very good.

After supper we checked out the casino floor and lost alittle money.  I had more fun watching an elderly woman win $500!  She came up to me and said " I don't know what I did but I got this" and she showed me her ticket.  Sure enough it was for $250 she went and cashed it and came back up to me and showed me the money and said "look it was real!  She didn't believe she had won.  She sat down and played alittle longer and sure enough she hit $250 again.  It was fun watching her excitement.

Notice the empty pockets as we leave.  Of course, Libby was just teasing, 
When we got back to our rigs, we played a game of Mexican Dominoes.  Guess who won that too!  Yep, Libby!
Got to go get some rest now, unfortunately we have to head home tomorrow.
We had a great time.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The fruits of my labor

It's not much but those that know me , know that this is all I can take care of outside.  I have a tendency to plant flowers and let them die.  I seem to forget to water them.  Hopefully these will fair better.
These are by the front door.  When they fill out it should be pretty.  There is Ornamental Sweet Potato, Dusty Silver, Coleus, Begonia and Impatiens.
Another planter on front porch has the same flowers in it.  I took a close up of it but the camera seems to have eaten it.  The rock garden in front has a large need of more rocks. LOL
This bromeliad is on the back porch.  I love this little chicken, it's made from clay.  I think I may have gotten a little over zealous with my flowers.  I also have a hanging basket on the porch but you cant see it.
The back porch. is finally cleaned off too.  I wanted to buy the settee and coffee table that goes with those two rockers but they didnt have one in stock and this year they dont have any of this set at all. Hmm. Now what am I going to do, I really need at least two more seats.  I hope to find something that will go with my two rockers that I have now, if not the same thing.  I found a bistro set that I hope to put at the other end of the porch. Now to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Ahhhh
I'll let you know how long they last.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

This saturday is a work day at home

  I thought Friday would never get here.  It was a long week.  Friday was Doug's birthday and we went to Laynes Steak House in Star City to celebrate.  My sister and her husband joined us.  The steaks were delicious as usual and afterward we had to visit the bakery and of course, the jewelry store.  Doug was lucky this time, I didn't buy anything.  We slept late this morning and then had pancakes for breakfast.  Afterward,  we had to get some work done around here.  The yard needed mowing, the porches needed to be power washed and the house needed to be cleaned.  We have been gone so much on the weekends that we were behind on some of the yard work.  It took all day but it was a good day to be outside and we got everything done.
Next weekend we will take a trip to Tunica Ms. with some friends.  I think I have everything done in the motor home that needed to be done before we leave. So I am ready for the count down.
8 months til Doug retires!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

To all mothers out there, I wish you all a very Happy Mothers Day!

I have spoken to both my sons today and that will have to do for now.  I hate that they are both so far away. It 's the hardest part of being a mother; letting go.  They both have their own lives now and one has his own child.  I am happy for my children.  They both have good marriages and happy lives. What more could a mother ask for?

Doug and I spent the day washing the motorhome.  We are trying to get it ready for our Memorial weekend trip to Tunica.  It sure looks good!  Next weekend I will clean the inside.  I have decided to put the knife saver on the cabinet door over he sink.  It will be high enough that Ashlynn can't reach it but still close to prep area.

This gets my silverware drawer cleaned up nicely and I have more room too.
It's amazing how many spoons and forks I had in there. I guess I was expecting to serve 24 people!  I took all but service for 4 out. I don't know what I was thinking.  I don't use anything but plastic most of the time anyway.  If I have more than 4 to feed they can bring their own silverware. LOL

Happy Mothers Day!  I'm going to watch Avatar and rest.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Camping World here we come!

  1. Went to Camping world today to buy some stuff.  We also looked at surge protectors.  I have read so much about the horrors of surges and the need for the protectors that I think we need to get one. We just don't know which one to get.  It will have to be a 50 amp but hard wired or post plug-in?  Which? There's about $100 diff in the price and then you have the installation on the hard wired one. Hmmmmm. 
  • I bought a platform step It has adjustable heights.  It will also support up to 1000 lbs so I'm covered.   I really needed this last weekend.  The first step was very high and thankfully they were on sale this weekend. Why would something so small and simple cost so much money?  Its regularly $99, (sale $64) that's why I've been putting off buying one.  I looked at Target, Walmart and Lowes hoping to find a step reasonably priced; no such luck. 
  • I also bought one of those knife savers.  I needed to get the knives out of the drawer and thought that was the solution.  Now I have to decide if I want to put it on the back of a cabinet door or on the back splash.  
  • When we left CW we went to the Memphis Flea Market.  Its not in Memphis it was in Jacksonville.   Only thing I got there was a Razorback t-shirt and a  smart sponge.   Its suppose to be a super sponge and pick up all liquid and not drip. The demo impressed me so yea I got it.  I got two for the house and one for the motor home.  They also came with a super shamy cloth. 
  • It was a good day.  We're tired and ready to watch Nascar.  Go Jimmy!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mothers Day Weekend!

The weekend is finally here!  I received beautiful flowers from my two sons.
Everyone at work was alittle jealous I think. LOL

These were from Mike and Kaitlyn.

These were from Brian, Lori and Ashlynn.
I have the best sons ever!  I wish they could both be here this weekend.

When we got back from our trip last weekend, Doug topped the tanks off when we got into town.  Today fuel prices dropped 10 cents a gallon! Just our luck. Hopefully they will continue to drop and we can take advantage of it next time.
Taking a trip to Camping world tomorrow. I am going to get a small small step for the motor home.  Last weekend our site was a little low and that first step was a doosy.  They are on sale this weekend.  Can't believe the silly things are as high as they are. If I have to buy one I want to get it while its $30 off.  Personally I don't think think they should be $30 much less $90.  But you gotta have, what you gotta have.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Home again and the posts are updated

I have updated this weekends posts and added pics.  I had to use the Ipad because there wasn't wifi at the campground.  I like the Ipad for this reason and this reason only.  I don't know if its me and my lack of knowledge of the ipad or if I am expecting to much from it, but I guess it has it's place.  The silly thing won't do everything that I want it to do.  I can't post pics! I have the first ipad, Doug has the Ipad 2.  I tried using his and still couldn't do everything I wanted.  I like using my camera instead of taking the ipad with me everywhere and there isnt a way to download the pics from a camera. bummer!
I want a Mac Air and a mifi card.  What does everyone else use?  I have ATT right  now and it's time to upgrade my phone.  I have an iphone and i'm not that impressed with it.  I don't really use anything on it but the camera and text. Mine takes too long to download web so I never use it.  I have the Ipad so I really dont see the need for a smartphone. I was thinking that maybe I should get a plain jane phone that just does calls and text and then get a personal wifi card.  I know that a smartphone can be tethered to a computer (up to 5) but I dont know the advantages of going that route.  Any suggestions?  Verizon looks like the best coverage but I have no experience with it and I don't know anyone in this area that uses Verizon. hmmm
I am trying to prepare for retirement next year and our trip up through Canada and Newfoundland and then down the east coast.  I don't want  to be without wifi.  It will be my luck I will buy all these gadgets and not need them at all.
Here are some more pics from Cane Creek

this is the walk down to one of the docks.

Its a good fishing lake.  Lots of catfish, brim, crappie, and bass!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beautiful day at Cane Creek

I love sleeping late in the MH. I don't know why but it just makes me smile. It's so peaceful here. The only noise is a child or two flying by laughing on their bicycles. We walked down to one of the docks that is close to our site. There were some kids fishing with their grandpaw. One proudly announced to me that she had caught two fish. I didn't see any so they must have been too small to keep.

We went to the Village for lunch. This is a religious cult or commune, that has several businesses all together in one place. They have a ice cream/sandwich shop, called The Sweet Shop. This is where we ate lunch.

There is Village Steak House, which has the best steak and prime rib around.

There is a BBQ and Fish place, a leather shop and taxidermy place.

Unfortunately there is also a bakery that has the best breads and pies around. I had to stop there for a sugar free Italian creme cake. Mmmm good

A afternoon nap was on the schedule next.

This evening we had a shower/BBQ to attend.
Jim and Doug got coaxed into doing the cooking.  It didnt take much.

All in all it the was a relaxing day.

We haven't had the tv on all weekend and I'm surprised I haven't missed it. Of course the satellite dish couldn't find a signal so I had to do without it, but still it was nice with out it. I don't think I would go as far as to say I don't need the tv. I do enjoy the boob tube. If I don't have a choice I can survive.

Gorgeous moon tonight.

My camera didn't do the moon justice.  My son took this one last night.

Friday, May 4, 2012

What a Friday!

I should have known that today was going to be challenging when I woke up late this morning. I was two minutes late for work, no biggy, but then I was late getting Coffee and didn't have breakfast. Then the fire alarm went off. We just all looked at each other wondering whose child had set it off this time,when we decided we better call and check on what's going on in the building. We were told it wasn't a test, please evacuate the building.
 The fire dept came and checked everything out and couldn't find a fire so back we all went.

 It wasn't long before we started smelling something. It continued to get worse. We called maintenance to come check it out, but they couldn't find what was making the putrid smell. By now we are all getting headaches and feeling nauseous. The air conditioning people arrived to. He checked out the new compressor they had just installed. They searched all afternoon but never found the source of the smell. It was so bad we closed the office a little early.
Now for the good part of the day.

 We are spending the weekend at cane creek campground in star city.

 Doug left earlier in the afternoon and I came down after work. It's nice and quiet.

We met the Matthews at a local Mexican restaurant and had a great supper!

 After dinner we enjoyed sitting by their pool and "shooting the breeze "

You sure can tel that I used my Ipad to blog this.  I can't seem to get the hang of typing on that thing.  Of course I can't add pics from my camera either.  I'm not sure I like that thing! I hope I found and fixed all misspelled words. Sorry