Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why ?

That's my big question for today.  Why?  Why has this week gone by so slow? Why am I never caught up with my chores in the house? Why is it so interesting to follow bloggers?
Each day has gone by so slow!  The days have been dragging. But when Friday finally gets here, I realize this week has flown by and another weekend is really here.  How can  the days be so long, yet the week fly by? My mother always told me that the days and weeks would pass faster and faster the older I got. It seems that she was right. Now that I have reached 60, (oh my gosh did I really type that!) I seem to have changed my outlook on age.  Now I seem to be rushing towards retirement age. I stayed 29 for so long that I literally forgot what my real age was.  When I turned 60, suddenly I found myself wanting to hurry up and reach 65.  I have plans when we retire and I am ready to start them. I enjoy our short weekend trips but, I want MORE!
I always thought my house was a mess because I had two wild boys that were always dragging in something, changing clothes 3 times a day or eating me out of house and home.  Both boys are now young men and have homes of their own and my house is still a mess. Hmmmmm  How can two people make such a mess? How can we have so much dirty laundry? Do beds really need to be made up every day?  I think I kept a cleaner house when they were home than I do now.  That doesn't sound good for me does it???
I have been following blogs for several years now.  I have some, that though I have never met them and don't even exchange emails with them, I feel that I know them and they are friends.  I enjoy reading about what's going on in their lives, where they are going and what they are doing.  Most of the blogs I follow are RV'ers.  I love seeing their adventures.  I learn alot from these bloggers.  I see what it's like to live in Mexico. I marvel that a single woman could set out by herself in a monster RV and travel Canada and the US.  I enjoy seeing how people can supplement their income with creations of their own. Even more amazing is that they do it because they love what they are making and would do it if they never sold a thing.  It's that love of the craft that makes their creations so beautiful.
I see what it's like to full-time in a RV.  I see how others prepare for retirement, what their plans are and if my plans and ideas are indeed feasible.
I look forward to the day that I don't care what day of the week it is, I can easily keep an RV clean but won't worry if it's not, and can enjoy my hobbies and share them with others.  Until that day comes, I will just keep on going to work, trying to keep my house half way decent and reading blogs that inspire me and give me great ideas!