Monday, April 9, 2012

Houston day 3

Saturday we slept late and then Kaitlyn and I went and got a manicure while the guys worked on the sprinkler system. We grabbed a burger at Sam's Deli

That evening we went to Easter  services at their church.  It seems that they were expecting so many people that they asked the members to come Saturday night so that they would have room for the visitors on Sunday.
After services we went to eat again.  Seems like that is all we did, but hey, you have to eat every day and we just happened to have some really good meals.  By now we had had Italian, Korean, Cajun and now we were heading for our favorite place to eat in Houston.... Lupes!  They have the thinnest, bestest tortillas I have ever eaten.
I had beef/chicken fajitas.
Doug had a burrito
Mike had a stuffed pablano pepper
Kaitlyn had beef carbon (I think) It was beef fajita already rolled up.
Again too much food, but the leftovers were breakfast, yes I said breakfast for Mike and Kaitlyn.
It does seem like all we did was eat, but really that's just all I took pics of  LOL