Saturday, April 7, 2012

Houston day 2

Yesterday we went yo lunch at Kim chi's. It was a Korean restaurant.

Mike gotus several dishes to try. My favorite was the Bo go gi at least I think that is what it was. I didn't care to much for the rest. It came with Kim chi, I knew about this from food network and wasn't too keen on eating it bit I did. Yuk! I should have stayed with my first choice.
 After eating we headed for the grocery store. Mike is cooking crawfish shrimp,potatoes, artichokes and hot dogs tonight. Some of their friends are coming over to help us eat all this. By the time we got back home it was time to start preparing the shrimp and crawfish. We deveined the shrimp and cleaned the live crawfish.

Mike checking to make sure they are good!
When its ready you just pour it all on the table and have a feast!
Friends Katie and David joined in!
Mike and Katie peeling the leftovers.
We had a great day, lots of food, fun and fellowship.