Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting ready for Houston trip

Getting all packed and ready to fly out to Houston tomorrow.  We will spend Easter with Michael and Kaitlyn. We have a direct flight into Houston arriving at 4:20.   The neighbor came over this evening to send a Easter present to Buster, yummy dog biscuits!  I have to work til noon but Doug will be off all day.  He gets to mow the lawn before we go.  I hope the weather is good for our trip, especially the flight.
In reading one of the blogs I follow, I came across this interesting tidbit:

Did you know tranny filters have dates on them?? 
That is important because of the next part I am going to write about.
When we bought our used rig in 2006, our sales slip states we have a NEW transmission filter, NEW 6 gallons of tranny fluid and $95 labor charged for completing the job.   It was included as part of the deal from Al's Motorhomes in Rockford, Illinois. Hmmmmm but the dates on the filters Steve removed have printed on them 3/96  ---- yes ---- you read that right,  1996!   That makes them the original filters that came with our rig, which was made in 1996.   

Obviously we thought we got NEW filters and tranny fluid when we bought our rig, according to the sales slip.  But now with this revelation, that makes the filters and tranny fluid SIXTEEN YEARS OLD!!!!!

Lesson learned ---  see why we insist on doing ALL of our work now, instead of trusting someone 200 miles away when we are having them "prep" the rig for our purchase?   Gotta do it yourself or else be allowed to look over their shoulders---  "insurance regulations" or "shop policy" be damned.... or set up a video camera to see if they do the work they promised they are doing? 

Didnt know that filters had dates,  wow, learn something new everyday.