Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Doctors and tests oh my!

Today was a long day.  I had to go to see the doctor and get an EGD.  That's where they put the little camera down your throat and take a look at your esophagus and your stomach.  It wasn't bad but it wasn't fun either.  The worse part was the numbing spray that they put in your mouth to numb your gag reflex. That part was terrible. It gave me a choking feeling. Luckily they gave me something and I was out before I could panic.  the next thing I knew they were waking me up.  It seems that I have gastritis and weak esophageal muscles. Of course there is the old standby gerd too.  I will have to have an ultrasound with video of my esophagus. They are also going to look and see if I have a goiter.  Sounds like another fun day.

I did get something good accomplished this weekend.  I went out to the motor home and cleaned out the cabinets. Just how many coffee cups do two people need!  I kept 4 and bagged up12. yes 12! How did I wind up with that many coffee cups anyway.  I also cut down on the amount of glasses I kept. We mostly use paper products, paper cups, plates, bowls and plastic spoons, forks and knives.   I limited my silverware to a set of 4, my plates and bowls to four each.  I  took out two large garbage bags of "stuff". I had way too many sheets, towels, wash cloths and kitchen towels. I had 10 pillows! Yes, I did have alot of this because one or two trips we made we had an extra 3-4 people staying in the MH.  I don't forsee this happening anytime soon so I have removed all the extras and thinned out everything.  My next project is to get the tire monitors installed.  We've had them for 3 years and have yet to install them on the tires!  LOL the warranty has expired and they've never been on a tire.  Sure hope they work!
Next, I need to wrap up and put the foam topper that goes on the couch bed, in one of the outside bays.
Next we need to wash and wax the ole girl and get her ready to roll!  I'm ready