Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day Trip to Hot Springs!

After sleeping late, we decided to head to Hot Springs for the day.  It was noon when we arrived and since we didnt have any breakfast, we decided to head first to someplace for lunch.  I used Urbanspoon to look for someplace we had never been before.  I looked for something close to the area we were heading and I found the Red Oak Filling Station.  It just happen to be owned by an old friend of Doug's that moved to Hot Springs several years ago.
This old truck is parked at the front door  Notice the name of the resturant on the door of the truck.  The food was very good.
Doug walked out just as I snapped the pic. There must have been a motorcycle rally somewhere close because they were everywhere today.  It was a beautiful day to ride.
Next we headed to the new resort in the area called Catherine's Landing.
This is a pic of the office and check in area.  There is a gym, community area, wii and media room and fitness room in this building.  Next to it is a very large saline pool.
There are cabins that you can rent.  They have 1 bedroom with loft, fold out sofa a kitchen with a dishwasher, whower, washer and dryer, ac and flat screen tv.  They sleep up to 6.
Or Yurts that are available.  I must say I would much rather have a yurt than a tent.  They were very roomy and they are heated and cooled. There are 3 different sizes that sleep from 4-8+.  They are furnished and have fresh linens.
Of course there are rv sites.  All sites have full hook-ups including sewer, 50 amp service, BBQ grill, fire ring and picnic table.
All sites are concrete and have wi-fi available.  It's hard to tell but on the left you can see Lake Catherine.
There is a boat launch and dock for several boats.  There is plenty of places to fish.
This large pavilion will accomadate large groups. There is even a large countertop in the center with two sinks for cleaning up.

This is one of the restrooms.  This one also has a laundry.
This is a picture of the lake.  This part of the lake runs into the Quachita River so it is narrow.  This was a very pretty area.  It was quiet and close into town.  The downside would be that there are not alot of trees yet.  This was a dairy farm so it was mostly pasture.  They have planted over 150 trees but that will take a while to go any good.  The cost is high but there are alot of amenities.  The sites are $32 for a back-in, $36 for a pull-thru and $42 for a waterfront site.  They offer discounts for Good Sams club, AAA and another that I can't remember right now. Sorry, I am getting old you know.
When we left there we went looking for Doug a fishing boat.  He wants a used one but we were having trouble finding one.  We decided to go to Bradford marine to see if they had any used boats.  Of course they didnt .  They showed us just what we needed.

This was considerably more than we had planned on spending.  It was a nice boat though.  Do you think we could catch enough fish to pay for it.  LOL
It was only $12803.00.  Just $10000.00 more than we were going to spend.
After a long day of looking at RV sites, shopping (had to go look at shoes) and hunting for a fishing boat, we finished off the day eating at La Hacienda.  Good food, great day.
I'm ready to roll!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Doctors and tests oh my!

Today was a long day.  I had to go to see the doctor and get an EGD.  That's where they put the little camera down your throat and take a look at your esophagus and your stomach.  It wasn't bad but it wasn't fun either.  The worse part was the numbing spray that they put in your mouth to numb your gag reflex. That part was terrible. It gave me a choking feeling. Luckily they gave me something and I was out before I could panic.  the next thing I knew they were waking me up.  It seems that I have gastritis and weak esophageal muscles. Of course there is the old standby gerd too.  I will have to have an ultrasound with video of my esophagus. They are also going to look and see if I have a goiter.  Sounds like another fun day.

I did get something good accomplished this weekend.  I went out to the motor home and cleaned out the cabinets. Just how many coffee cups do two people need!  I kept 4 and bagged up12. yes 12! How did I wind up with that many coffee cups anyway.  I also cut down on the amount of glasses I kept. We mostly use paper products, paper cups, plates, bowls and plastic spoons, forks and knives.   I limited my silverware to a set of 4, my plates and bowls to four each.  I  took out two large garbage bags of "stuff". I had way too many sheets, towels, wash cloths and kitchen towels. I had 10 pillows! Yes, I did have alot of this because one or two trips we made we had an extra 3-4 people staying in the MH.  I don't forsee this happening anytime soon so I have removed all the extras and thinned out everything.  My next project is to get the tire monitors installed.  We've had them for 3 years and have yet to install them on the tires!  LOL the warranty has expired and they've never been on a tire.  Sure hope they work!
Next, I need to wrap up and put the foam topper that goes on the couch bed, in one of the outside bays.
Next we need to wash and wax the ole girl and get her ready to roll!  I'm ready

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nothing going on but the rain!

We haven't been anywhere or done anything lately and I am ready for that to change. All this rain has me wanting to sleep in the motorhome so that I can lay there and listen to the rain hit the roof. I love that.  Our yard is flooding and it looks like we may need a boat to travel in instead of a motor home.
The sun is trying to shine through the trees, making them almost glow.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a dryer day!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Home again

Woke up to the sound of rain this morning.  I sure didnt want to get out of bed.  I love to lay in bed and listen to the sound of rain hitting the top of the MH.  We laid there for alittle while and then it stopped raining, so we got up.  Luckily for us, or should I say Doug, the rain stopped long enough to get the tanks dumped and the car hooked up.  The drive home was dry and uneventful, thank goodness.
We have unloaded the MH, Doug is already asleep in his recliner and the rain has started again.
We had a great weekend! Lots of fun and relaxation!

Ready to go again, already!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

It was a beauiful Day

We had a great day today.  Started off by walking across the bike way.
Here we go.  There were lots of people out walking and biking.
This is a view of Little Rock!

A view of the campground from the bridge
The Clinton Library
More walkways in the park area of the Clinton Library
Doug and I standing in the doorway of the replica of the Oval Office. He tried to get me to go look under the desk. LOL
The infamous desk! You cant see the detail of this desk but it is gorgeous! There is a lot of carving around the top of the desk.
Some of the many gifts from dignitaries.
There was a large collection of knives and swords
It was hard to get this pic and it's kind of blurry but I had to include it.  This is from the days he "didn't inhale"!
  I really enjoyed touring the Clinton Library. It's hard to read this last pic but I thought it very relevant.
"If the American people do not feel safe on  their streets, in their schools, in their homes, in their places of work and worship, then it is difficult to say that the American people are free"

After we left the Library,we went shopping for shoes and stuff.   We finished the day off at Texas Roadhouse.
Beautiful and windy day.

We are here and ready to go see Jeff Dunham!

This is our spot for
the weekend.
I took a walk around the campground.  This has just recently been turned into a walkway and bike way across the Arkansas River   It takes you from North Little Rock to the Little Rock Clinton Library.  We are going to walk across it tomorrow.
There are all kinds of RV's here.  This has to be the most unusual.  They have taken an 18 wheeler and turned the trailer into an RV. Notice the bay window on the side and the house door on the back.   I would love to go inside and see what they have done to make it livable.  
Here's another view.  That's something else isn't it?  LOL
The sun is going down and it's time to go see Jeff.
They had all kinds of t-shirts  for sale  and the lines were looooong.  People were everywhere waiting to get their shirts or/and talking dolls.  The lines were too long for me so we left.  I tried to take a pic inside before the show started but it was just too dark. bummer.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

TGIF is almost here!

So glad that the rain is leaving the area! The motorhome is ready and I will be packed and ready before I go to bed.  The weather looks like it will be great until
Sunday! So glad for that. Now if the rain will just hold off until we get home on Sunday!  I have the tickets in my purse so that I dont leave home with out them lol  I plan on enjoying Jeff Dunham, eating some good food and doing alittle shopping this weekend.
It's been a long week and I am ready for some R&R.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trip to Houston

I am making arrangements to fly to Houston next month.  We will fly out for a few days to see son Mike and daughter in law, Kaitlyn.  We havent see them since they came home in July 2011.  It seems like forever. It will have to be a short trip since I only have two days vacation.
Our trip to Little Rock for the weekend is still on but the weather is going to be bad. Its suppose to rain all weekend.  We can't wait to Jeff Dunham! "I Keel You!" ( I had to spell it like he says it!)
Rain Rain Go Away, Come again some other day!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The carpet is Clean!

Got the carpet all cleaned and all the floor vents vacuumed.  The motor home is now clean and ready for the trip next weekend.
Doug got the yard all raked and the leaves all burned.  So the yard is all ready too!
After a short rest, I fixed supper and checked out the blogs that I follow.  There is one that I found recently that caught my eye because it has pics of her dog, Bennie. Well, Bennie is a twin to my beloved Muffie!  I love looking at the pics of Bennie. His personality seems a lot like Muffie's.  Bennie's owner is a woman full-timer! I  admire her courage and tenacity to be able to undertake such a lifestyle on her own.  I don't know if I would be that strong. You go girl! If you would like to check her blog out, it is "Sassy's on 'Da road" (

Well what do you think? Looks just like Muffie to me!

No trip again this weekend :(

We don't have another trip planned til next weekend.  If the weather isnt bad tomorrow we are going to put the slide out and shampoo the carpet.  It looks really bad and since we are home we might as well clean Betsy up.  Next weekend we have another short trip to Little Rock for the weekend.  We have tickets to go to see Jeff Dunham at Verizon Arena.  We are staying across the freeway at Downtown Riverside RV Park in  North Little Rock.