Thursday, February 9, 2012

Trip to Little Rock

Took Doug to the eye doctor in Little Rock today.  Got a good report.  After leaving there we went shopping a bit and then headed to Maumelle Park to look at sites.  The Matthews suggested we go to Maumelle next week instead of Hot Springs since the RV show was in town.  We were looking for a good site that the satellite would also work on.  We picked one out and went into the office to see what was available.  It was our lucky day! Our first choice was available so we went ahead and made reservations for 4 nights next week. We finished the day off with a trip to Cheeburger Cheeburger! Dont order the platter unless you are starving!  It came with a salad and onion rings.  I assumed it would be a small side salad. NOT! The next time I order that I will have someone to split it with.  Way to much food for one person.
After stuffing ourselves we headed home.  Got home just in time to see Big Bang Theory!