Saturday, February 11, 2012

Betsy our Endeavor

this is Betsy in her resting place at home

one of the two couches in the living room
I wanted to post some pics or our motorhome so I went out and took these today.  The slide is in and the tv isnt up but you can at least see it.  We take the tv down to travel, Doug doesnt like it overhead. It travels ok up there, he just likes it down. Me too.  When we get set up this next weekend I will take some more pics with the slide out.  I also hope to get some at the RV show.
I hope to get better at posting these pics. Its seems I couldnt keep them in any kind of order!

Now for the technical stuff:

Betsy is a 38 ft. 1999 Holiday Rambler Endeavor. She has a Cummins 350 engine with a Allison transmission.
I would love to take the carpet up and put down laminate or that new vinyl plank but so far havent gotten the nerve up yet.

looking back to kitchen
more of the kitchen
I have alot of counter space
As you can see in the next picture the slide isnt out.  It runs from the back of the drivers seat toward the
mirror there at the sink


Our bed is a queen pillow top and is very comfortable.  On top of that we have a 3 in. memory foam pad.  I never want to get up from this bed.

tv in bedroom
the doors on the left is the closet with the washer/dryer combo

We leave on our next trip Thurs afternoon 1-26-12! I am ready!